Diesel Powered Motorcycles by 2017

Diesel Powered Motorcycles by 2017

April 18, 2013

Diesel Powered Motorcycles by 2017?
The EPA Pushes For Greener Fuel in the Coming Years.

“I can’t wait! Diesel bikes are going to be so cool. The loud knock of the motor, the blue smoke out the tailpipe… I want mine with a kicker; only a real man will be able to kick over a diesel.”

That’s what one rider posted on a recent About.com article that explained the EPA’s push for diesel-powered motorcycles by 2017. But another commenter wrote, “As far as I’m concerned, Diesels stink, they’re noisy, sound like a bucket of marbles…very utilitarian…not much fun or refinement.”

But what do you think? The US Government has typically avoided any legislative pushes related to the motorcycle industry, but the EPA is currently lobbying to have 75% of all motorcycles run on clean diesel fuel by 2017. In a recent statement to motorcycle manufacturers and the Motorcycle Industry Council, the agency hinted, “An environmentally friendly, diesel-powered, 100 mpg motorcycle alternative is coming quicker than you think.” They argued that the pressure the American automotive industry to run on cleaner fuels should be equally applied to the motorcycle industry. Cars that have implemented clean diesel fuel technology can now average up to 40 MPG highway speed.

The manufacturers were less than pleased with the EPA push. They rejected the idea, explaining that they are neither logistically nor financially prepared to engineer that sort of change in terms of engine parts and combustion technology. Ural, a Russian manufacturer was the only exception. They expect to have a diesel powered bike by the end of this year?

What do you think? Are you ready for diesel powered bikes? Do you really believe that by 2017 75% of all bikes will be diesel powered? Do you think that government and EPA intervention takes the feeling of freedom away from riding? Or do you feel like riders should share more environmentally responsibility? We want to hear what you think on the Eagle Leather Facebook Page!

Source: http://motorcycles.about.com/b/2013/04/01/epa-lobbies-for-diesel-powered-motorcycles-by-2017.htm

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