Cool Gear for Hot Weather

Revolutionary Cooling Gear
Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

If you’ve ridden your motorcycle on a hot summer day, you can remember the sun beating down on you, heating up your black leather jacket and chaps, heating, heating, heating until you’re hot and sweaty and there’s no fun left in the ride.

A new breakthrough in technology can help you avoid that scenario. It can keep you as much as 20 degrees cooler in your black leathers. The breakthrough comes from TFL company, which makes dyes and other products for the leather industry.

Their discovery works in the near-infrared region of the light spectrum, which is not visible to the human eye, but which is converted into heat energy by dark surfaces—like your black motorcycle chaps. The natural fibrous structure of leather keeps it from absorbing heat, but dyes and pigments destroy that property. The new dyes from TFL keep leather’s natural reflective characteristics, so it reflects as much as 95% of the near-infrared light that falls on it.

In other words, Cool Tec black leathers stay as cool as white leathers, as much as thirty degrees cooler, and when your leathers stay cool, so do you.

And Eagle Leather now has three great products that use the Cool Tec technology to help you keep cool. One example is a scooter jacket with fully ventilated shell that uses the Cool Tec technology. It zips up the side and has stretch side panels for comfortable fit. It also has a full-sleeve zip-out liner and two interior weapons pockets.

These chaps are made of full-grain leather. The pockets have zip closure and the belt is both riveted and sewn for longer wear. The back laces for comfortable fit. The chaps have anti-catch material next to the zippers so you can avoid that frustration. In addition to the Cool Tec dyes, the chaps have a comfort-mesh lining for your riding pleasure.

The third Cool Tec product Eagle Leather carries is a zip-front vest. The vest has two zippered chest pockets and two lower, smaller pockets on the outside and an inside pocket for cell phone or other media. The vest is cut extra-long for a more comfortable fit.

The expert sales staff at Eagle Leather will help you with fit and care instructions for your Cool Tec gear—truly Gear for the (summer) Ride! Then, let us know how you like it on the Eagle Leather Facebook page.

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