A Harley-Davidson Surprise Coming April 12

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"Harley-Davidson is announcing a surprise. Some call it an evolution. Others call it a revolution. Either way, it's going to be exciting, and it involves the beloved Sportster."

Harley-Davidson released a short teaser video titled “Instrument of Expression” on YouTube, and many are analyzing every detail. In the video the seat has a smooth texture instead of a tuck and roll pattern. The exhaust pipe is pointed down and back, but later it shows it wrapped forward and around the case. This could be hinting at the ease of customizing the bike. One clip branding on the cylinder head, but it is hard to determine anything else from that clip. Other things noticed are the round air cleaner, mag wheels in front and back, and a single disk brake. The exhaust looks like it has not changed, but it is hard to tell the way the video is shot. 

This will be a new spin-off from the Sportster S platform with an alternative look for the cruiser-style motorcycle. This model will take advantage of the Revolution Max engine. Trusted experts point out it is strikingly like mock-ups based upon a Harley owners survey with styled variants of the Sportster S. Some of the differences might be front LED strip light replaced with a circular headlamp, a telescopic front and rear shock suggesting it will be more of a cruiser than the Sportster S is. 

It is unclear if it will come with the 975cc version or the original 1250cc engine that was intended for the Bronx streetfighter. Either way it will be a direct rival for the Indian Scout. 

So, what is it likely to be called? Harley-Davidson has recently trademarked two names the 48X and the Nightster. Both names have connections to previous Sportster models.

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1 comment

  • Lea Smith

    Sounds intriguing. I can’t wait to catch a view of this new bike.

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