The BIG O Is A Must Ride!

The Big O Is A Must Ride

May 02, 2011

Eagle Leather has put together a Ride Promotion for 2011 and beyond that was instantly dubbed 'A Must Ride'. Here's the information you need to know...

Every year, on the third Saturday of July, THE BIG O RIDE takes place beginning and ending in Orting, Washington. The organizers of this Ride have seen attendance grow every year as more and more Riders take place in this 160 mile Ride that circles Mt. Rainier. Prizes for the Ride have grown each year as not only local businesses participate, but as the Ride has grown, regional powerhouses like Duke's Chowderhouse, Tully's Coffee, and now Eagle Leather have stepped in.

Why? A couple great reasons.... First of all, the monies from this great even all go to local charities and concerns. In 2011, the beneficiaries are The Orting Seniors Center. Past donations went to the Old Soldiers Home and the Orting Foodbank. Secondly, Orting loves motorcycles. Any day there is sunshine, you'll find more two-wheelers than four-wheelers, and nearly every one of them find a reason to stop in town where some of the greatest small town businesses still thrive like Route 66 Pizza, Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant, the L&M Tavern, and The Orting Bakery.

Now there's a $2,500 Gear Makeover thrown in by Eagle Leather. To be eligible, all you need to do is become a member of The Ride Guide...just fill out the 'Create An Account' button on The Ride Guide's homepage. Then, Ride in The Big O Ride on July 16th, 2011. At the end of the Ride, we'll be pulling names from those in attendance. If you're a part of The Ride Guide, and Ride The Big O, you may have the best gear on the planet at the end of the day!

For more on The Big O, see the video below then visit the website at for signup information and details.

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