Thanksgiving Savings 2014

We Are Thankful for Our Customers!

Huge Savings In Store Until 12/2/2014

Eagle Leather says ‘thank you’ by giving you big discounts to hunt down. . .

A wise man recently said to me, “I kept asking for various things like better health and financial security, and I didn’t seem to be getting what I wanted. Then I started saying ‘thank you’ for what I have and for what I wanted to have. My life became more joyful—noticing what I had made me happier. And, lo and behold, those things I had asked for began to appear in my life as well.”

How does a store say ‘thank you’ to its customers? That’s easy. We discount merchandise. For the next couple of weeks, throughout both Eagle Leather stores, you’ll find selected gear at deep, deep discounts.

You’re apt to find something you want or need—or something for someone on your holiday gift list. In addition, Mike has picked a lot of surprise items for in-store discounts, including some helmets.

Deer hunting season is over, so use your sharp eyes to track down some super savings at Eagle Leather. Come in and walk around; hunt up your bargains!

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