It's Hot - Tips for Staying Cool

It’s Hot! Staying Cool on the Ride is Key!

Expert tips on the right gear for the ride to keep you cool in the summer heat.

By: Mike Toursal, Owner

Earlier this summer, we did a special post on Kevlar gear, to help our readers learn about protective gear that helps you stay cool. Well think of this as part two in that series, because nothing is more important than safety, even when it’s hot enough to make you melt!

There is a great line of cooling vests we have been carrying called HyperKewl. They are known as “evaporative cooling vests,” because you soak them in cool water for a few minutes, ring the excess water out, and then wear the vest for 5-10 hours. The water evaporates from the vest slowly, leaving you cool as a cucumber. This vest, worn with other protective riding gear, is perfect for those hot summer rides.

Ladies with long hair – here’s a neat tip to keep you more comfortable on a hot day: try a hair wrapper. If you are a lady with long hair, you know that hair sticks to a sweaty neck. So using one of these hair wrappers will keep that from happening, and prevent your ponytail from looking like a hot mess at the end of a ride!

If you’re looking for something small that makes a big difference, Techniche makes a small “Kewl Towel” that works just like the evaporative vests. You soak the towel in water and wear it around your neck or on your head to keep you cool for hours. You can easily keep it in your saddle bag to use when needed. We also carry a brand of cooling bandanas called “Cooldanna.” They work the same way, but are meant to be worn like a bandana, either around your head or on your neck.

Of course, for the best protection that doesn’t make you sweat, you have to consider mesh gear. Mesh is protective while allowing air to pass through it. The added ventilation you get from wearing mesh gear can make all the difference on a hot day. You should even consider mesh gloves; you would not believe how much heat your hands can generate on the ride. No one likes to take their gloves off when their hands are soaked with sweat! We have mesh gear to cover your entire body: mesh jackets, mesh pants, mesh head coverings (for under your helmet, to prevent helmet sweat!), and—yes—even mesh gloves!

Staying cool while riding in the heat is important for comfort and health. It’s easy to become overheated and succumb to heat stroke and dehydration. Check out all the hot weather gear Eagle Leather has to offer, and come by to see us! Don’t forget that we have a free hot dog BBQ at the Lakewood store every Sunday! See you soon.

- Mike

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