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And All Ladies Who Love to Ride!

Last of the Summer Wine, a Brit-com that airs on PBS, is one of the longest running shows on TV. In episodes from the 1970’s, Wally rides with his wife Nora in the sidecar. But in the new millennium, four women ride their own motorcycles, and two of them are about Nora’s age. Times have changed!

May is not only Motorcycle Safety Month, its Harley-Davidson’s Women Riders Month. What a great time for the Just Us Girl RiderZ Women's Motorcycle Conference! The event will be held May 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Everett Powersports, 215 SW Everett Mall Way, in Everett.

We talked to Corky Davis, who explained that women will learn vehicle awareness at the event, and that is a big contribution for safe riding. It’s a hands-on event, where women can get step-by-step instruction on basic tasks like changing oil; maintaining brake pads, fuel injection, and chain; as well as troubleshooting and even customization. Learning how to maintain your bike not only keeps money you’d otherwise pay to a mechanic in your own pocket—it makes your motorcycle truly your own in a new and special way.

Women will learn about the various tools and how to use them safely in motorcycle maintenance. Just Us Girl Riderz has been putting on this event since 2009. They aren’t affiliated with any particular club or group; they provide the space and equipment and support for this event to happen. It costs just $20.00 (no credit cards) and that’s a cheap price to pay for the added confidence and savings women riders can gain. As Corky says, “We put the wrench in their hands.”

And if that’s not enough, there’ll be some great giveaways too, ranging from lubricants to pipe wrap kits, thanks to businesses that support this event.

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