Every Ride Starts At Eagle Leather

by Eagle Leather

Every Ride Starts At Eagle Leather

August 12, 2011

What's that you said? Your feedback is enhancing the way Eagle Leather does business. Via your feedback. Seems "Gear For The Ride" includes a lot of "Ride Knowledge"...the how tos, where ats, where'd you gets, and far outs that make riding a motorcycle why you ride.

Within this email, you'll see just a few ways we're now striving to make sure that knowledge is your knowledge. For example, how'd you like to take part in Eagle Leather's 'Ride Test'? We'll give you Gear, you tell us about it, and it's yours FREE! Want to join with a few dozen other Riders and enjoy yourself this weekend? We'll tell you how...

Eagle Leather has realized over the years that what we're really doing is making your next Ride more comfortable, more protected, or more enjoyable. You've told us that again and again, and that input has not only made us one of the largest Motorcycle Gear stores in the United States, it's made us and you a part of a pretty select community of Riders.

Because of this, we're implementing two new methods for you to provide feedback to Eagle Leather to make sure you're heard, and to make sure you're rewarded!

Eagle Leather Facebook
"Like Us" and you'll Like what comes next!

Tell Eagle Leather
This is a 10 Question Survey that, once completed, enters you into a monthly drawing for a $100 Eagle Leather Gift Certificate!

Of course, nothing is as great as seeing you in the store! Whether you're starting a Ride, needing some new Gear, Advice, or just to hang with us and share a few stories about your last Ride, we love to hear from you.

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