A Rider's Christmas Wish List Part 1

A Rider’s Gift List 2020

It's gift giving season and time to come up with those great ideas that will surprise and elate your significant other. For those of us that are a bit luckier, we can also write a list or leave little hints around that will let your friends and family members know what you really want this year.

For us die-hard motorcycle riders that could mean new gear that can help us enjoy riding year-round. But there are important practices for assuring a comfortable ride in cold conditions that start with layering clothing built specifically for the sport. Put these items on your Christmas list and cruise year-round in style and comfort.

Heated Clothing

For years Gerbing’s Heated Clothing was the talk of the town, the best heated clothing you could get, but that simply is not the case anymore. Sure, they are a top heated clothing company, but many have begun to catch up.  Brands like California Heat followed the same principles that made Gerbing so successful, and FirstGear offering legitimate competition in warmth and price.  Some companies now offer battery operated heated gear, so you can wear it when you are off the bike to stay warm too.

You can be heated from collar to toe if you like, it all depends on the level of comfort you want. Most people start with a pair of Gloves because the hands are one of the parts of the body that becomes cold quickly and are essential to safely controlling your bike.

After Gloves people will often go with a


Jacket Liner because when the core is warm the extremities stay warmer also, besides you can plug the gloves into the sleeves and do not need to run a separate wire to use the gloves.  One more key thing about a Jacket Liner is it is the central connection for the rest of the gear.


The Controller connects to the Jacket Liner power in connections, one for the Jacket liner and one for the gloves.  The Pant Liners will connect to the Jacket liner with connections at the ankle for either Socks or Insoles

The Battery Harness connects the battery to the controller and provides the power to heat all the gear. 

 While you can get batteries or battery operated heated clothing, it is simpler to leave the complexities of that to a conversation with one of Eagle Leather’s experts who will help you find exactly the right gear to meet the needs of your gift to others or yourself.

Of course if Heated Clothing isn't your thing, or you are unsure about what to give, we have Gift Cards.


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