Charlie and The Twins

A Little Humor
Charlie Gets Creative

Clara was pregnant when she got into a motorcycle accident and was seriously injured. In fact, she laid unconscious in a coma for over six months.

When she woke, the first thing she asked about was her baby.

“Don’t fret,” the nurse told her. “You had twins. We delivered them by Caesarean section just a few days ago, and they are both healthy and well.”

Clara was still worried. “My husband is on duty in Afghanistan. Who is taking care of my babies?”

“Don’t worry. They were just a little underweight, so we kept them in the nursery. Your brother came down from Seattle and told us what names to give them.”

“Oh, no! Charlie is such an idiot! What did he name them?”

“Please, Clara, you’ve got to calm yourself. He named the girl Denise.”

Clara took a deep breath. “Denise. That’s actually pretty. I like it. What did he name the boy?”


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