A Fashionable Family

A Little Humor
Those Purple Cowhide Pants

Loretta had an exceptionally fine piece of purple-dyed cowhide that she wanted to use for motorcycle pants and a jacket. She rode her motorcycle to Ralph the tailor, who examined the leather and sighed.

“Sorry, maam,” he said. “This is one of the finest hides I’ve ever seen, but you’ve got enough leather for either the jacket or the pants, not both.”

Loretta decided to try the tailor next door, whose name was Leonard.

He told her, “Fine, fine. This is the kind of leather you don’t see every day, that’s for sure. My son Herbie and I will take some measurements and I’ll have your pants and jacket ready in a week.”

A week later, Loretta rode up to the shop in time to see Herbie walk into the store wearing purple leather motorcycle pants.

She knew something was going on and asked Leonard, “How come Ralph the tailor said he couldn’t get both a jacket and pants out of my piece of leather and you said you could?”

Leonard answered, “That’s easy. Ralph has two sons.”

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