A Fashion Faux Pas?

A Little Humor
A Sassy Pastor

One crisp fall morning the doors opened on the posh church just as the service was about to begin. In walked Jerry, an old biker. He and his clothing were clean and well-groomed, but he wore ancient jeans, and his leather jacket and boots were old and scuffed.

The men in their Armani suits and Rolex watches turned up their noses. The women in silk frocks and diamond tennis bracelets glanced at him, then looked away. No one greeted him; no one made room for him in their pew.

After the service, Pastor Stephen accosted Jerry. “Before you come back here, I want you to ask God what kind of attire you should wear to services at our church.”

Jerry assured the pastor that he would do that.

Next Sunday Jerry came to the church in the same old jeans and scruffy leather jacket and boots. Again, he was shunned.

Pastor Stephen spoke harshly to Jerry after the service. “I thought I told you to ask God what you should be wearing to come to this church.”

Jerry answered, “Well, Pastor, I did just that. And God said He had no idea what I should wear because He’s never been inside this church.”

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