Wildfire Precautions

Safety Tip of the Week
Stop A Wildfire Before It Starts

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you can do your part to prevent wildfires. Use these precautions:

  • Chains and other metal parts throw sparks when they drag. Check your motorcycle to be sure nothing hits the ground.
  • Driving on an exposed wheel rim can also throw sparks. Be sure to check your tire pressure every time you ride.
  • Never park on dry grass or brush. A hot exhaust pipe can set dry vegetation on fire.
  • Don’t let your brake pads get too thin lest the metal-on-metal give off sparks.
  • Dirt bikes always need spark arresters on the muffler. Rules for forestland may require that motorcycles also have them. In any case, a General Purpose spark arrester is a cheap, easy preventive measure to keep sparks from exhaust.
  • Keep the exhaust system, including the spark arrester, and the engine in good working order and free of carbon buildup.
  • Use the recommended grade of fuel for your motorcycle and don’t overfill it.

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