Toll Booth Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
Staying Safe at a Toll Booth

When you need to pay tolls, have your change (or if you can use it, your credit card) handy. Keep it in a container like a fuel tank bag or in your shirt or jacket pocket because it’s easier to get at.

Get in the correct lane. If you’re in the “Trucks Only” lane, you’ll have to push your ride back and get in the correct line.

Be especially wary of tailgaters as you approach the tollgate.

At the tollgate, avoid the center of the lane. It’s more apt to be slick from leaked oil and other car gunk. You don’t want to take a spill with a line of vehicles waiting behind you.

And, in your home state, take advantage of “automatic” passes like Washington State’s Good To Go! You’ll often save money, too.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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