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Oktoberfest: Fun + Moderation

And event like Oktoberfest can be tricky for motorcycle enthusiasts. Beer is central to the celebration. People who arrive in groups in cars can have a designated driver. But motorcyclists can’t do that. Now, for the Leavenworth Oktoberfest, we could take advantage of the free shuttle bus to hotels in nearby Wenatchee. But many events we love involve drinking. So here are some things lawyers advise to help you keep your alcohol level below the legal limit, though everyone’s body is different, and there are no guarantees.

Eat first. Fats, proteins, and dense carbs in your stomach help alcohol absorb more slowly. So brats first, then beer. Don’t drink soda. Any carbonation puts alcohol into your bloodstream more quickly.

Pace yourself. Most people can have about one drink an hour without going over the limit, though this varies by weight, metabolism, and other factors. See what your own pace is when you’re safely at home, so you’re prepared when you go out.

After each drink, have a full pint of water. This not only keeps you from downing a second drink too soon, it keeps you hydrated.

For every drink you have, it takes an hour for the alcohol to leave your system. So, stop drinking before you leave. Some lawyers recommend you stop drinking ninety minutes before you plan to leave.

Remember that a twelve-ounce beer, a five-ounce glass of wine, and a shot of liquor all have the same alcohol content.

Enjoy the event and keep yourself and others safe!

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