Tire Pressure Decoded

by Eagle Leather
Safety Tip of the Week
Under Pressure

Did you know that for every ten-degree drop in temperature, the pressure in your motorcycle tires drops by one to two pounds? How much colder is it today than the last time you checked your tire pressure?

What happens when your tires are underinflated?

• Your motorcycle cannot handle as much weight and becomes sluggish and hard to steer.
• You have less room between the bike and the road, so bumps and potholes and junk in the road become more serious hazards.
• The tire can have internal damage and/or uneven tread wear. The tire can separate from the rim and cause an accident.

So check your tires’ pressure when they are cold (at least three hours after riding). Then inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. While you’re at it check for tread depth, embedded stuff, and wear and for bulges, sidewall cracking, weathering, and uneven seating on the rim.

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