Tips to Keep You Cornering Safely

Safety Tip of the Week

How to Corner Safely

Curves can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep you cornering safely.

First, never try to pass when there’s a curve or corner coming up. Always have a way out—an escape route—in mind.

Your motorcycle will go in the direction you’re looking, so look through the curve. If you look at the cars or bikes ahead of you, you just might rear-end them.

If you’re going too fast, brake before you get to the curve. If you’re making a sharp turn, feather your clutch and you’ll have just the right momentum. Too much or too little clutch can lead to a spill on tight curves.

Once you’re in the curve, start on the outside edge of your lane. Move to the inside part of your lane as you go through the curve, and then end up on the outside again as you come out of the curve. This makes the curve less “curvy” and more like a straight line.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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