Tips for Traffic

by Eagle Leather
Safety Tip of the Week
How do you stay safe on high traffic roads?

If you take to the road this weekend, your apt to find yourself in heavier-than-usual traffic, and that traffic might include lots of drivers who are looking hard for road signs, making poorly signaled turns, and gawking at the scenery. These tips might help you enjoy your ride more safely.

Keep an eye on the head movements of drivers near you. Most people will “signal” a motoring move by turning their heads, even if they don’t actually use their side mirrors. Speaking of mirrors, don’t rely entirely on your own mirrors. A glance over your shoulder might show a vehicle in your blind spot.

If you must pass on the right, don’t do it right at an exit or cross-street. Drivers are too apt to make a turn—into you.

Use your high beams—you can turn them off when you’re stopped behind someone. Pretty much anything that makes you more visible is a good thing.

Keep scanning your riding environment. Focusing on just the road ahead will get you into trouble. And, if the scenery is all that, pull over at a safe spot and enjoy.

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