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These Boots Were Made For...

Did you know that the lower leg is the part of your body most likely to be hurt in a motorcycle accident? Broken bones in the lower leg make up nineteen percent of hospital admissions for motorcycle-related injuries. Clearly, you need the right footwear. Tennis shoes or brogues or even cowboy boots just won’t cut it.

On high-quality motorcycle boots, you’ll get a strong rubber sole, preferable with ridges, to protect your foot when you’re riding and give you traction for good balance at a stop sign, especially if you step down on something slippery—like sand or oil or wet leaves. In an accident, feet are often crushed sideways, and a strong sole can save your bones--literally. Soles that are stitched are less likely to fall apart under impact. The thicker the sole, the more the boot can absorb vibration from your bike while you are riding, and that will keep you more comfortable.

Ankle armor in good leather boots gives you reinforcement in the shin and calf as well as the ankle. Ankle armor is made of Kevlar, or something comparable. It protects against flying debris as well as crash injuries.

Some people prefer heeled boots because they seem to get a better “grip” over your bike’s pegs.

The expert sales staff at Eagle Leather can help you find a boot that will help protect your lower legs and feet, fit properly for comfortable riding, and suit your budget.

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