Staying Cautious In The Cold

Safety Tip of the Week
Winter Warnings

Winter has begun with some unusual weather events around the country. With all that strangeness going in, let’s review some standard winter warnings.

Beware of black ice which forms from vehicle exhaust as well as fog. Slow down if the road ahead looks shiny and take special care at intersections, ramps, and bridges.

Dress for the weather in layers and consider using heated gear.

Always wear gloves because cold hands don’t work very well, and you need them to control your bike.

Remember that you’re less visible in blowing snow and that days are shorter, so do whatever it takes to be visible. Wear bright, reflective colors and stay out of blind spots.

The salt that is meant to melt ice can be a real hazard for you—just like gravel scattered across pavement. Slow down if you see salt in the road, or when you suspect it.

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