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In the old days we learned to ride a motorcycle without much professional input. We learned through trial and error, meeting other riders, and sharing experiences. Many times, we awkwardly tried to avoid disaster by counting ourselves lucky if we could hang on through the unexpected. Nowadays, there are lots of resources and training available to those who seek it out and want to become better motorcycle riders. If you are unsure where or how to find training, here are some good places to start.

The motor vehicle department

In most United States you need a driver license at a minimum with many states requiring a specific motorcycle or trike endorsement to legally ride in that state. The motor vehicle department is a good place to ask about rider training resources. If nothing else, they usually have literature telling you what to expect on the test.


Every major motorcycle manufacturer has a website and most of them have links to rider training information. If it doesn’t, they can put you in contact with your local dealer to help you out. Some brands may offer free or discounted training courses if you purchase one of their bikes.

A dealer

Your local dealer probably won't offer training but may know who does in your area. If you don’t have a local motorcycle dealer, your local automobile clubs like the American Automobile Association AAA in America, the AA or RAC in the UK, and the ADAC in Germany, and many more often cater two motorcyclists as well as auto drivers. As a result, they can usually steer you towards insurance, licensing, and training solutions

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