Sidecar Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
Sidecar Safety

Driving a motorcycle with a sidecar is very different from riding a motorcycle. At first blush, it may seem that the sidecar makes for a safer ride. But that’s not necessarily so, especially when the vehicle is moving.

The sidecar has more drag than the bike, so it will pull the bike toward itself. The driver must adjust, and the adjustments are more tricky on highly cambered roadways and for turns.

The combination of cycle and sidecar is a lot wider than just the motorcycle. If you’re used to riding a motorcycle, that will take some getting used to.

This is just skimming the surface. If you google a query about sidecar safety, you’ll find lots of information. You can study and practice on your own (maybe in an empty parking lot or similar space). Or, you can simplify your life and take a course in sidecar safety.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike