Seven Tips for Passenger Safety

Safety Tip of the Week

Tips for Maintaining The Safety of Your Passengers

Moms, here are some tips from Women Riders Now that you should keep in mind when you’re giving your child (or anyone) a ride on your motorcycle:

  1. Be sure the passenger has the same safety gear as you do: helmet, leathers or a riding suit, goggles, and rain gear if needed.
  2. Remember that your passenger might have problems due to the wind, cramping, and boredom. On some bikes, the windshield directs airflow right behind you, onto your passenger. Your passenger can get wind chill and may strain back or leg muscles fighting the wind.
  3. If you’ll do a lot of riding together, you might find that an after-market seat is more comfortable for your passenger, especially if your seat makes the passenger lean backward, straining the back and making bumps impact the tailbone.
  4. Be sure you have your signals straight before you set out. You’ll want to know when your passenger needs to take a break, for instance. You won’t get bored watching the road, but your passenger has a more limited view. Always stop when your passenger requests it so the ride is fun for both of you.
  5. As you ride, remember that you’ve got extra weight, especially when you stop and when you’re maneuvering in parking lots.
  6. Tell your passenger to hold tight so you lean together on curves and to brace when you’re braking. And now is not the time for quick starts or knee-dragging corners.
  7. Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course together.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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