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When asked seasoned riders for safety tips, the first on the list was to ride with people you trust who know how to ride. The tip comes from Masyn Moyer, who’s been riding for over a quarter of a century. She went on to say that no other safety precaution can save you from the danger of riding with someone who’s intoxicated, or who is grandstanding, or who lacks the experience to handle their motorcycle or the situation.

When you look for a group ride on Eagle Leather’s Ride Guide, you’ll be able to see how long the group that’s sponsoring the ride has been around, and that will be some indication of the level of expertise and experience you can expect. Some rides list themselves as alcohol-free, but all rides expect riders to avoid riding while intoxicated.

Most of the group rides listed on Eagle Leather’s Ride Guide invite all sorts of riders. They are not usually restricted about what brand of motorcycle you have or how long you’ve been riding—some of them even allow cars. But do be sure your motorcycle and you are both road-ready.

Mind the rules of the road, follow the leader, don’t show off and you’ll have a great time—safely.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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