Learn from Every Ride

As a new rider every ride is an opportunity to improve your skills and become a better rider.  It is important to practice something different each ride until you become proficient with it. If you normally ride city streets, try some mountain roads which have more curves which will help you practice your cornering, braking, and steering.

If you commute, pick something new each day to practice, so on your weekend rides you can put it all together.

  • Monday could be for braking
  • Tuesday could be scanning the road for obstacles and hazards
  • Wednesday could be for your foot positioning and controls
  • Thursday could be for smoothly shifting between gears
  • Friday could be for counter steering.
  • Saturday and Sunday could be for taking a ride that allows you to implement what you practiced all week.

They say it takes between 2,500 and 10,000 repetitions to master something, and that can take a while.  But each time you do something, you’ll get a little better and become proficient long before you become a master, and proficiency will save you from many road hazards and obstacles.

So, set a goal to learn something from every ride, and your riding experiences will become more and more enjoyable over time.

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