Keeping Your Sanity in Winter

Safety Tip of the Week
How to Stay Sane While Staying Off the Road this Winter

How do you keep sane when you can’t ride during the winter months? For your own safety, so you stay off the road when that’s necessary, here are some tips:

  • Plan rides you’ll take when the weather allows. This is the time to forget the GPS and pull out the maps. Invite buddies over and make a party of it. And remember, if you disagree on which turn to take—you’ve got all summer—do both.
  • Use Utube to ride vicariously, get tips to be a better rider, even how to fix your bike.
  • Spend the time to research your next gear purchase. Stop by Eagle Leather and pick the brains of our expert staff. You’ve got time—no need to rush.
  • Do some bike maintenance. You can change filters or spark plugs, or even tackle bigger jobs.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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