Ill-fitting gear is a safety hazard

Ill-fitting gear is a safety hazard. Anything that distracts you from riding your motorcycle is a safety hazard. That certainly includes gear that’s too tight or too loose and that pinches, or itches, or chafes, or hurts.

Consider the jacket. The neck should be snug, but not cut into your skin or choke you. The sleeves should cover your skin up to, but not over, your gloves. Fit is vital; you should not be able to squirm around in your jacket.

Gloves should fit as well at the palm as at the fingers. If the fingers are too long, they’ll be useless; if they’re too short, you won’t be able to get the gloves on. Be sure the cuffs are tight enough to hang tight in an emergency.

If your pants or chaps have armored knees, be sure they hit right when you’re sitting on your motorcycle. Otherwise, they can cause a lot of pain.

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