How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Safety Tip of the Week

How To Make Your Bike Noticeable on The Road

According to the AAA, most drivers who collide with motorcycles say they didn’t see the bike. You have to be defensive, not only in the way you drive—stay out of the blind spots of other vehicles on the road with you—but in making yourself and your motorcycle more noticeable. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Always ride with your headlight on.
  • Always use turn signals, not only when you turn corners, but also when you change lanes, and be sure your intent has been communicated to other drivers.
  • Never be wary of using your horn if you think someone has not noticed you.
  • Adorn your ride so it’s as visible as possible—think reflectors, bright colors, and reflective tape.
  • Always wear bright clothing or add reflective strips to your dark leathers.

    Stay safe out there!
    - Mike

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