How to Handle Curbs Safely

Safety Tip of the Week
Taking Curbs Safely

We’re not sure what taking curves and turns on a motorcycle has to do with Father’s Day, but that’s the topic for this week’s safety tip. If you figure out the connection, let us know on Facebook!

When you come to a curve, make it into a straight line (as much as possible) by starting on the outside portion of your lane. By the middle of the curve, you should be on the inside part of the lane, and at the end of the curve on the outside part again.

Remember to look through the turn or curve. Everybody tends to drive aiming at what they’re looking at. If you stare at the curb or a tree, you just might hit it.

Feathering you clutch on a tight curve or turn helps you keep control by giving you more momentum. Then you’re less likely to tip over.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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