Group Ride Safety

by Eagle Leather
Safety Tip of the Week
Having Each Other's Back

Safety in a group ride begins before you start your motorcycle. Probably the best thing motorcycle enthusiasts can do to ensure a safe group ride is to have a meeting before setting out. At the meeting, settle on where you’ll stop, where a rider who gets lost should go, how far you’ll go for the day, and anything else you can think of that will affect your ride.

Decide who will bring the first aid kit, the tools, and any other supplies your group will need.

If your group has more than ten people, consider dividing up.

Decide on a lead rider (for the front) and a sweep (for the tail end). The lead rider has the responsibility of letting the rest of the group know what’s coming: traffic, weather, wildlife, space aliens. The sweep sets the pace.

Assign a place to all the other riders. Keep the less experienced riders ahead of those with more experience, where the more experienced riders can keep an eye on them.

Be sure you have a full tank of gas and your cell phone, as well as anything you’ve been asked to bring for the group. Be prepared for the weather—and that includes water if the day is hot.

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