Gearing Up

Safety Tip of the Week
Protecting The Skin You're In

The Law Tigers website has a section devoted to safety gear. They point out that, if you make impact on the road surface, you lose one mm of skin for every mile-per-hour over thirty mph you’re going. If you’re going fifty mph, you loose 20 mm, or 2 cm, or almost an inch in depth of skin. And that’s a serious matter.

They remind us to be sure our jackets and gloves are comfortably snug but allow room for movement. You want to be sure neither jacket nor gloves will fail to protect when we need it.

In addition to a helmet to protect your head, remember to protect your eyes. If you don’t have a full-face helmet, wear glasses. The Law Tigers recommend that you have two pairs: one with UV protection for daytime use and clear glasses for night riding. Glasses should always allow you wide peripheral vision, have comfortable straps, and fit nicely under your helmet.

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