Being Visible in Smoky Air

Safety Tip


As days grow shorter and we have smoky air, it’s even more important to make your motorcycle as visible as possible. You probably can’t change to a brighter colored motorcycle or gear, but you can add reflective tape and extra lights.

Reflective tape can make your motorcycle seem larger. You can apply it to the front of your forks and to anything that juts out, like the top of the wind screen or your saddlebags. Putting tape around the wheel rims (where it won’t be covered by the rider) makes your bike more visible to drivers approaching from the sides.

You can add lights to the front or to the back of your motorcycle. You can find an array of LED lights here: Many sets of lights have more than one level of brightness. Some LED lights can be set for special effects, such as strobe, that can make you even more noticeable. Honda did a study that showed that arranging the extra lights on the front of your motorcycle helped oncoming drivers judge your speed (by twenty percent) and distance (by ten percent).

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