We Are Open!!!

We’re open!

The Eagle Leather store re-opened its doors June 1. I can tell you now, with a couple of weeks’ experience, that things are going well.

As you know, there’s a limit on how many people can be inside a retail store at a time. Fortunately, Eagle Leather has a big enough store so that’s not been a problem. Our staff will keep track of the numbers, so don’t worry about that.

We’re not having any special events until we see how things go. So, no barbecues until we announce one, and no coffee and cookies on Saturday mornings for a while.

Our employees all wear masks and we ask that customers also wear them out of respect for other shoppers who might be in real trouble if they get COVID-19. If you don’t have a mask, we do. And you should see some of the “irreverent” masks we have for sale!

If you like shopping online, that’s great! You can choose either delivery or curbside pickup at checkout. We’re going to keep having curbside pickup to accommodate anyone who’s more comfortable just driving up.

We look forward to seeing you at the Eagle Leather store!


P.S. If you or your organization is planning a ride, please post it on The Ride Guide. We’re going to post a blog on the Eagle Leather website that will explain what to include and how to post it.

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