The Fastest Way to Get Injured on Your Bike

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The Fastest Way to Get Injured on Your Bike

Did you ever come back from a long off-road ride thinking: “Damnit, I returned without a scratch?”

Are you tired of not having to visit the emergency room?

Do you despair at the healthy condition of your legs and feet?

If any of the above are true for you, here’s an easy trick to solve those problems: 

Why not try just wearing common sneakers on your next ride?!

A common running shoe will quickly put an end to that pesky safety that no one wants on the road. Without the bothersome reinforcements, you’ll be able to hurt your legs in a dozen different ways and do it with style.

As an added benefit, you can leave your laces dangling right around your gear shift or other motorcycle parts. This way, your chances of getting stuck beneath your bike will only get greater.

So, get your favorite running shoes on right now and start that sprint to the ER.

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  • lynne

    damn right! I’m now an amputee! wear those running shoes! I was hit by some b!+{h texting and driving, but if I had been wearing proper shoes I may not have lost my foot! so go for it if you like spending weeks in the hospital, months in pain! at least you’ll have a great story. and you can get a job at ihop!

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