2018 Rain Gear Tips

Riding in the rain can be a “fact of life” in the Pacific Northwest. The proper gear can make rain a nuisance as opposed to a deal-breaker. One caveat: Don’t expect to stay perfectly dry. Instead wear gear that will keep you relatively comfortable despite some dampness.

First, let’s note the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Items that are water-resistant keep water out to a certain, imperfect, extent. Items that are waterproof are designed and made to prevent any water from entering at all. Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be a test of waterproof-ness that no piece of gear can pass.

But waterproof gear will do a better job of it than gear that’s water-resistant. On the other hand, waterproof gear may not be breathable, which can be important when the weather is warm. Our expert staff at Eagle Leather can help you decide which features are best suited to the way you use your motorcycle.

Of course, Eagle Leather carries a selection of waterproof jackets, pants, suits, and boots. But also important and often overlooked are waterproof gloves. Remember that wet hands quickly become cold hands, which are less able to control your ride. Gauntlet gloves keep your wrists dry.

The Explorer Waterproof Glove, shown here, has some neat features. It’s made with Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane. 3M’s Thinsulate™ keeps the chill away. The palm and finger pads are made of leather. The gloves have a full gauntlet with an adjustable wrist strap and elastic cord closure that works with one hand. The left index finger has a wiper blade you can use to get the rain off your face shield.

Some gloves come in ladies’ sizes. For example, the Ladies Waterproof Reflective Glove is a gauntlet glove with an insulated liner, a gel palm for comfort, an adjustable wrist strap, and reflective piping to make the rider just a bit more visible.

Eagle Leather carries short waterproof gloves, too. Here’s a pair. They’re made of deerskin with an Enprotex™ liner and Thinsulate™ to keep hands warm and dry.

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