Too Hot For Leather? We've Got You Covered

Beat the Summer Heat

Cool off with Kevlar!

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows (or should know) that there are just two kinds of riders: those who’ve been down and those who will go down. That quick run to the corner store in flip-flops, shorts, and a tank top can end with a painful case of road rash. And longer runs without protection—well, don’t you care about your hide at all?

But it’s too hot for leathers, we’ve heard. Never mind, never mind. At Eagle Leather, we carry protective gear that’s designed for summer’s heat—Kevlar!

Kevlar Shirts
For an extra cool summer ride try out our Kevlar® Draggin' Shirt. Fast Company’s Draggin’ Shirt is one tough shirt! Made of 100% Kevlar®, the Draggin’ Shirt utilizes this highly abrasion resistant material to add an extra layer of protection, yet is still comfortable and breathable.

The unique mesh knit allows for excellent air flow ventilation in the hot months, while it layers well in the winter to provide added insulation.

While everyone knows that armored leather is the best safety garment you can wear, we all know someone who is guilty of wearing just a t-shirt in the hottest summer months. The Draggin’ Shirt can easily slip over your t-shirt to give you some excellent abrasion protection.

The Draggin’ Shirt boasts a longer cut in the length and arms to accommodate the riding position for men and women. This high tech shirt also incorporates Velcro® tabs to adjust the cuffs thereby preventing riding up and flapping in the wind. Most importantly the Draggin’ Shirt has two layers of Kevlar® in the shoulders and elbows.

Each Draggin’ Shirt is handmade in the USA! Due to the difficulty of dying Kevlar®, the black color may fade.

Kevlar Jeans
The Classic Draggin’ Jeans have a straight leg with the traditional five pocket design. We also incorporate the change pocket on the left side for ease of use on your bike.

We use 14.5 ounce denim with a 13.5 ounce 100% Kevlar® lining. Our protective Kevlar® lining extends from just below the belt loops to just below your tush! It extends vertically from hip seam to hip seam. We cover your knees as well with protection that wraps around to cover the front and outside of the knee and shin.

Each pair of Draggin’ Jeans is handmade in the USA! They are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. We cut our jeans exactly true to size, so we recommend measuring a pair of your own jeans to get the right fit.

Beat the heat this summer and stay safe! And don’t forget about our Summer BBQs every Sunday from 12 – 4 PM at the Lakewood store! See you there!

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