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Eagle Leather Facebook Fans Have Great Stories to Tell!

By: Mike Toursal, Owner of Eagle Leather

We love chatting with members of our riding community on Facebook. That’s why we were thrilled to read the responses we got to one of our “We Want to Know” features. We wanted to know what your favorite riding memory is, and we’re sharing some of our favorite responses in this week’s blog.

“Taking my kids on their first ride.” – Kurt B.

“30 days on the road; riding coast to coast, camping...taking care of myself making it home again. Never forget those 7,584 miles.” – Kenda B.

“Riding by Waterton National Park and a grizzly bear ran across the highway in front of me.” – Jenna C.

“Getting a flat tire on I-5 just the other day (on the front tire) and lived to tell about it. I now feel a little/lot more confident in riding. Although a hair-raising event, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. This experience will help me in the future to be better prepared.” – William J.

“Took a trip to Sturgis covering 12 states with two friends from Seattle and made it to the four corners. Got great pics of the trip and went through lions beautiful country—almost 2 weeks of fun-filled days with two good friends!!!” – Pat M.

“My favorite memory was learning to ride in a Zellers parking lot and finally being about to put it into second gear and back down to first and stopping without stalling!” – Chrys S.

“Always the first time out on a new bike.” – Ryan N.

“Sturgis.” – Dan L.

“Cruising about 10 mph thru places in Yellowstone a couple of summers ago trying not to agitate the buffalo.” – Bruce S.

“It’s yet to come. Every moment is great. We have a beautiful country to explore.” – Vikki G.

That last memory from Vikki is one of our favorite Facebook comments ever. Your best riding memories are indeed yet to come! And everyone here are Eagle Leather is so glad to be a part of your riding memories—past, present, and future!

My personal favorite riding memory is when I rode my Boss Hoss for the very first time back in 2000. I was a little intimidated by its size at first, because I had been riding a small bike up until that point. But I got on the Boss Hoss, and it was perfect - nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be. There was nothing for me to be intimidated about, and I rode it like I had been for years. It's the same bike I still ride today, and my wife loves riding with me! We just took a ride this past weekend, so I will always cherish the memory of riding my Boss Hoss for the first time!

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