Winter Weather

Safety Tip of the Week
Winter Weather Advisory

With the weather as variable as it seems this year, it might be a good time to give some tips for riding in winter weather.

Start by wearing the right gear: something to wick away moisture and either layers or heated gear, including gloves.

Be sure your antifreeze is fresh and adequate for the temperature and check your hoses for wear and cracks. A windscreen that won’t fog up is good.

Be sure your tires have lots of tread to help avoid skidding and hydroplaning. Remember that cold decreases tire pressure and check it before every ride. As you ride, the air in your tires will expand, giving you more traction. Accelerate and decelerate a few times (on a dry road surface) to speed that process.

Watch out for salt—you can easily skid on it—and for black ice, which is caused by car exhaust, not precipitation.

Keep more distance between you and other vehicles. Look ahead farther than you would in summer. Both these things give you more maneuvering room and braking distance.

If there’s a snowstorm, stay home or find somewhere warm to stay. Don’t risk hypothermia, loss of digits due to frostbite, or even worse. As you’re getting to that safe place, go slow, be easy with braking and turning, and keep a safe distance front and back.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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