Tips for Passenger Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
How to Ensure Passenger Safety

Many motorcycle enthusiasts carry passengers. Here are a few things to consider before the passenger gets on board:

Is your motorcycle equipped to carry a passenger? Does it meet the requirements of the state where you’ll be riding? Some requirements might be: footrests the passenger can reach and/or a separate seating area.

If the passenger is a child, is he or she old enough according to your state laws? Do you have the consent of a parent or guardian? Can the child reach the footrests? Does the child have a helmet and protective gear? Can the child hold onto you or passenger handholds?

Check your operator’s manual to see if any adjustments or alterations could be made to make carrying a passenger safer, including the suspension and tire pressure. Be sure you won’t exceed the weight limits given in your manual.

In another Safety Tip we’ll cover the passenger’s part in safe riding.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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