Summer Riding in the Bright Sun

Safety Tip of the Week
Protect Your Eyes While Riding

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, even cataracts can cause glare. But the most common cause is bright light. And that’s the easiest to deal with. Keep the brightest light out of your eyes. Use protective lenses. You can get helmets with built-in visors, or goggles, or sunglasses. At Eagle Leather, we’ve looked at lots of products to find the ones best suited to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Polarized lenses or visors diminish the amount of light that comes into your eye. Tinted lenses and visors work too. Dark colors, like brown, gray, or green, are intended for most everyday use and moderate-to-bright conditions. Light-color tints, like yellow, pink, or amber, are meant for low-to-moderate light conditions. Mirrored coatings are applied to the outside of sunglasses to reflect some of the light. Because of this, mirrored lenses are usually tinted with lighter colors.

Protective lenses or visors are often coated with chemicals that can repel water, prevent fogging, and protect against scratching. You’ll want to be sure whatever eye protection you wear is shatterproof.

Each type of lens has its advantages. Our expert staff will help you find just the eye protection that suits your needs—and your budget.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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