Stearing Clear of Deer

Safety Tip of the Week
Wildlife Crossing!

With wildfires destroying their habitat, we might well see many more deer crossing the road than we usually do, so let’s review how to avoid hitting one (which can even be fatal to the rider).

Pay attention to the highway signs that warn of deer crossing areas. Slow down, especially at dusk and dawn when deer are most active.

Watch the sides of the road. If a shadow seems to cross a highway sign or a fence, it might be a deer. Deer’s eyes are reflective and you can often see them in time to slow or stop.

If you see a deer, or think you do, honk. Noise might scare the deer away from the road. If your headlights show a deer in the road, blink the light. Deer seem to be transfixed by headlights and won’t move out of the way. Blinking the lights frees them from the “spell.”

There’s an old saying, “the third deer is the one you hit.” And there’s some truth in that, because deer tend to travel in groups. Often you’ll see a mama deer with one or two offspring and an “auntie,” a daughter from last year.

Ride safe!

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