Speed Limit

Safety Tip of the Week
Speed Demons

In the blog, we mention a race in which speed doesn’t matter very much. In day-to-day riding, it matters a lot. In fact, speed is a major cause of motorcycle fatalities.

If you really must go all that fast, find a safe place, like a track, to speed on.

Slow down in adverse weather. Rain makes road surfaces slick. In addition, rain or fog make it harder for you to see and to be seen. So slow down, please. And check your brake lights, turn signals, and headlights before you ride.

Watch both your following distance and the distance between you and the vehicle behind you. You can’t always control the latter, but you can try. Keep scanning, not just for hazards, but so that you have an escape route if you need to go around something quickly. Remember to leave room between you and the vehicle ahead of you when you’re both stopped so that you have an exit in an emergency.

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