Slippery Circumstances

Safety Tip of the Week
Traction + Temperature?

Riding a motorcycle in cold weather can be especially challenging. You will need cold weather gear, be it insulated layers or heated gear. Your motorcycle needs to be winter ready too. Then, you’ll want to remember a few things.

Cold weather means your tires are cold and that means you have less traction. Check your tire pressure before you start out; cold air means lower tire pressure. You know that tires heat up as you ride. Remember though, when it’s really cold, even stopping for a minute can dissipate all that heat so you’re starting from scratch.

Because you have less traction, and because the road might be slippery, slow down. Slow down riding straight, leave more stopping distance, take it easy cornering. Yes, it can be a challenge to control your bike at slow speeds, but that’s what it takes to be safe.

Make friends with a local motorcycle-towing service. If you get to know them (bring them some Christmas cookies), they’ll be much more willing to come get you when you’re stranded.

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