Safety Tips for Electric Bikes

Safety Tip of the Week
Electric Bikes Safety Tips

In this age of innovation, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. One feature of electric-powered vehicles is that they are silent. While this might be a feature your neighbors appreciate early on a Saturday morning, it can also work against you.

Vehicles cannot hear you approach. A horn or bell can help. But it’s up to you to drive defensively and as though you are invisible to other traffic.

Be careful when riding near bicycles and pedestrians, too. Since they can’t hear you, they may step in front of you. Or, you might startle them, which can cause falls or other bad outcomes. A bell or horn can alert them. Remember that you can be heard without having to fight noise from your bike. You can call out, “Passing on the right (or left).”

Pedestrians who are walking dogs might need more time so they have their dog under firm control when you pass. Give them fair warning well ahead of time. And if a dog chases you, you can try telling it to “go home” or you can spray it with water from your water bottle if that doesn’t cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. But in any event, the dog will eventually reach the end of the territory it considers its own to defend and will turn back.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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