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Tips for Riders and Drivers Sharing the Road

May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month, which is intended to make drivers more aware of motorcyclists. Often motorcycle/automobile collisions happen when the car drive is going too fast, or is impaired by intoxication or distraction, or is not watching for motorcycles. In addition to avoiding those obvious problems, drivers are urged to maintain a three-or four-second following distance to avoid rear-ending motorcycles. Further, they should check their blind spot before passing or changing lanes.

Motorcycle enthusiasts have responsibilities, too. Of course, they should avoid riding while impaired or distracted. Motorcyclists going at excessive speeds are in greater danger than those who observe the speed limit. And, before you get on your bike, make sure that you (and any passenger) have the right gear—preferably with reflective elements. Make yourself as visible as you can.

Ride defensively. Be on the alert for distracted drivers. Act as though no one can see you—not the guy approaching the intersection, not the woman driving ahead of you, not the person texting while driving the car in the next lane.

Let’s be safe out there!
- Mike

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