Riding Safely Through Construction Zones

Safety Tip of the Week

How to Ride Safely in Work Zones

On Labor Day, let’s pause a moment to thank the men and women who work to keep our roads repaired, putting up with bad weather and bad drivers. Perhaps the best way to thank road workers is to slow down in work zones.

In Washington state, speeding fines are doubled in work zones, whether or not signs or workers are there. Laws vary from state to state, but for your own safety and that of those who are working to keep our roads in repair, obey the posted speed limit.

Constructions zones pose hazards for motorcycle riders, too. As work goes on, conditions in any one zone can change even from morning til evening. It’s up to you, the rider to keep an eye out for:

  • junk in the road, such as rocks or loose gravel or debris
  • exposed manhole covers and other uneven areas in the pavement
  • pools of water, which may be shallow or deep
  • traffic shifting lanes or stopping suddenly
  • stretches of road with no shoulders or shifting shoulders
  • workers who are next to moving traffic
Keeping alert for these, and other hazards, will help you ride safely through construction zones.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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