Protective Gear 101

Safety Tip of the Week
Protective Gear 101

Caring for D3O® protective inserts is easy as pie. Just follow these simple rules:

  • Check the instructions on the package for any special needs your insert might have.
  • While it’s still in the package, be sure not to “bend, fold, or mutilate” the insert.
  • Always store your insert in a dry, ventilated, room-temperature space away from direct sunlight. Don’t put it under heavy stuff.
  • You might have to twist and fold a bit to get the insert into place. That’s okay, but keep it to a minimum and, once in, don’t fold or twist the D3O® insert.
  • When you wash the garment, carefully remove the D3O® protectors. They shouldn’t be washed or dry-cleaned. Just wipe with a damp cloth. Remember to keep them out of sunlight.

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