Maintaining Visibility in the Rain

Safety Tip of the Week
Visibility in the Rain

Riding in the rain can be safe if you have the right gear and ride safely. One of the biggest problems is visibility. We looked at some experts on the Internet and culled these tips you can try to enhance your ability to see the road when you’re riding in the rain.

Most face shields and visors fog up when it rains. According to Wes Siler on the RideApart website, Icon brand shields don’t fog up. See Icon’s Proshield Fog Free Clear shield here, for example.

Use a clear visor or, even better, a yellow or orange one. The yellow or orange color enhances the contrast between dark and light and thereby enhances visibility.

Wes recommends using one of the products that you can spray on your face shield which cause water to bead quickly and run off. Shield manufacturers recommend against it. If the product contains ammonia, as most do, that will craze plastic. So that’s up to you. We’d rather you used a more rain-resistant face shield and we’re happy to help you find one.

And speaking of visibility, make sure you’re visible to others on the road. Bright colored rain gear is a good idea.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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