Keep Safe While You Cruise To Your Favorite Tunes

Safety Tip of the Week
Tips For Tuning In

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you need to be aware of your surroundings and listening for traffic, sirens, and other noises is a big part of that. So how can you listen to music and ride safely at the same time?

You can use earbuds rather than ear-covering headphones. They allow other noise to reach your ears.

You can ride slower and try to be even more alert than you usually are.

You’ll keep your mind on the road, even when the song takes you back to your first love.

You’ll be aware that music can affect your emotions and involuntary actions. That way you won’t be speeding while listening to heavy metal or slowing for a crooner.

You won’t be trying to fiddle with your music system while you ride. If you need to change CDs or switch channels, you can pull over to do that.

Sometimes listening to music has an actual safety benefit. For instance, it can cancel out wind noise and help keep you from getting too tired to stay alert.

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