Increase Visibility in the Dark

Safety Tip of the Week

Make Yourself Visible

As the days grow shorter, it becomes more important for us motorcyclists to make ourselves as visible as possible. Before you ride, check your lights and reflectors. If they are dirty, clean them up so they do their job.

Many Eagle Leather products—jackets, pants, chaps—are made to include bright colors. Many others come with reflective stripes. You can also buy reflective tape and add it to your wardrobe or your bike. You’ll find many products, such as jackets and vests, with reflective safety features in the Eagle Leather Semi-Annual Clearance Sale that’s going on right now.

Remember to be aware of drivers’ blind spots and spend as little time in that zone as possible. When you’re stopped at a stoplight or a stop sign, check on vehicles approaching from the rear and avoid being rear-ended.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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